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yeah, i have a livejournal. shut up.
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CD | Mixed Genre
sorry for all the songs about death. i didn't mean to. just kind of happened. title comes from the smog song.
CD | Mixed Genre
this mix is for ayn because i'm pretty sure she's the only person would appreciate the true weirdness of this mix. 'cause it's real weird. this is my first mix since the great computer crash of '05 and …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is an "i don't really feel like talking to anyone right now, i just want to sit in my dorm room and bask in the glow of the fact that i don't have anything to do right now," which was actually unt …

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CD | Alternative - Punk
good stuff
CD | Mixed Genre
woah, why is this so much much better than my dance songs mix?
Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
super duper

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