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Another Radiohead mix. I don't know if it's the best of, but the transitions went nicely. I approve. Made Fall 03 I think.
CD | Mixed Genre
You know that Wilco song "We're Just Friends"? I guess that's what was going on with an old friend of mine who came back into town. Yeah, lots of the same songs as before. This one worked better. Made  …
CD | Theme - Romantic
Made this at the beginning of summer 03. That seems such a long time ago. I'm gonna catch up on these posts. The girlfriend was Sara, hence the hall and oats. Inside jokes. Songs she didn't know she li …

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by DougC
CD | Theme - Romantic
the best title and story for a mix i've heard in a looooong time. it makes me all fluffy.
CD | Theme
we be thuggin to some bach mutha f@*&!
by Wells
CD | Theme
wonderful tribute to a wonderful actor

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