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CD | Pop
A mix I made with mostly 2004 songs, I need a mix like this for the moment:) It's VERY hot in sweden now!
CD | Blues
A blues-mix I made for a friend with many of my absolute favorite tunes in the genre. Enjoy and Happy spring!
CD | Pop
This is a mix full of 70s punk, 60s garage & modern stuff full of lovely attitude......Enjoy! Happy Valborg;)
CD | Theme
A mix I made for Gerry, The swedish 60s wasn't so bad after all;) I hope he will enjoy this mix....
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a mix with many of my favorite tunes for the moment. I made this one for a friend. Many thanks to P the swede for The Darnells & The Legends. I can't get enough of Hidden Cameras for the moment …
CD | Mixed Genre
The sun shines today but it's still very cold:( This is a mix full of heart and soul, have a nice weekend everybody........
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix full of heart and SOUL;)
CD | Mixed Genre
I salute my self to surviving January and February, I hate these 2 months......I think I have played Rocky Dennis "Black cab" 2-3 times every day the last 3 weeks.Well, Keep those dreams burnin' folks!
CD | Mixed Genre
The first mix I made this year, I think it's a good one, old and new favourite songs.......The Carnys are from sweden and their "36 wars" should be a "big" hit......In my little head it's a BIG hit;)
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