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CD | Mixed Genre
The Wad is still in hospital. Since I couldn't smuggle anything past the nurses for him to smoke, I made him this.
CD | Blues
Why don't you break my heart one more time just for good luck?
Cassette | Country
I'd like to dedicate this mix to my soul partner... Inspired by the PBS airing of the Johnny Cash Show.Posdata: gracias a Jeff por la primera pista y a Victor por el tftulo.
Cassette | Theme
Pa' el dfa despuTs
Cassette | Theme
A mix from music acquired whilst in Guadalajara over Navidad.como dice Lora, +pero que pasarfa si esos hijos de su pinche madre ganaran?La foto es para Victor.
Cassette | Theme
Mßs rolas al azar, pa' la coge coge que sucederß ya despuTs de las copas y brindis y abrazo (ando de solter=n este a±o nuevo, mi vieja estß en Aguascalientes), en fin
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
2a ronda from the Doowad-Locovinagre alt-dj experience.
Cassette | Country
All good (and not so good things, as the case may be) must come to an end. I am leaving for a Guadalajara Christmas in the early dawn, and so my Redneck series reaches its conclusion. íFeliz Navidad a  …
Cassette | Country
As stated previously, I pretty much threw the redneck leftovers in a bucket and put it in the compost pile. Thanks to Joe for the two tracks off the great mix he made for his nephew.
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