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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Sorry to be so long gone. But I've learned that transcribing the songs harshes my mixtape buzz. No notes! Just plug away! Don't pause and risk losing the spark. You know how it is; you go, "What a grea …
Cassette | Pop
It had been decades since I'd heard music from the movie, "Liquid Sky", when a fri3nd gave me the record. At the time, it seemed unfathomably futuristic, but now it's quaint, much like the version of t …
Cassette | Pop
I guess "Earmancy" was an effort by me to sound all pagan, and whatnot... maybe I should have given it more thought. I'm pretty high on the songs, though. I had fun going back after it was done for a f …

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CD | Single Artist
There are many bands that don't get enough credit: This one is my favorite.
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Good n' noisy.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Doesn't this guy have great taste?!?

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