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Cassette | Mixed Genre
ok this is a tape made for SueEW, it doesn't blend and the second side was done first and easier. sorry soooo if the levels are fucked.
Cassette | Theme - Break Up
I have been meaning to break up with sod for some time but it took alot of guts, so this tape serves its perpose
CD | Theme
Ok this was a halloween mix for soda's partay, her cd player was fuckerd though.

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CD | Mixed Genre
this is grandious i really dig it i hope one day i will eat out in a town painted with these colours
Cassette | Mixed Genre
apples in stero to rufus and clem snide this shit is gerd
CD | Mixed Genre
i like the perculierness of it like odd mixes plus all these are tops..... Grandaddy, Velvet Underground The Zombies Bob Dylan The Delgados Lovin' Spoonful Fairport Convention Black Sabbath Haircut 100 …

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