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My favorite singer/Artist of all-time. Found him thanks to a few trades I made with people from AoM, so thank you to Scott P. and Shane A. for exposing me to him. Met some great people at the show and  …
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Another in a list of these that I have on here more as a snapshot than for anyone else to enjoy. I don't have Soof-yan or Deathcab for Cutie or any of the other snooty "it" bands on here so I don't exp …
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Didn't really go to many shows this year, and most of the ones I did were free. I should have better memories of the FREE Dr. John and BB King show I went to with my dad but when we got home we found o …

Steiney_77's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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I miss 120 Minutes..any host (except maybe Lewis Largent)...
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You can NEVER go wrong with Matt Good.
by Dom1
Mini-Disc | Theme
Outstanding idea for a mix, and executed well too. This is how to do a theme mix.

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