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CD | Mixed Genre
Lovingly torn from hissin', spittin', white hot bakelite whipping 'round at a breakneck 78rpm. Whew ! That centrifugal force is a killer. Thanks to my big city brother Skipper Bartlett for his asstance …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Another sifting through the singles bin. mostly new stuff I've aquired since the last volume of singles. All types of music here, rockabilly, soul,garage punk, some bubblegum, ska, country and bluegras …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
After getting the Norton Records album of rants and raves my the Mad Daddy, it seemed to me that it was really made for this purpose. I mean , I couldn't imagine myself listening to all the talking por …

greaseball1's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Mixed Genre
I like this mix alot, mainly cos' I made it and wanted to add it to my list as well.
Cassette | Mixed Genre

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