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CD | Mixed Genre
this is a mix I put together of my favorite songs from the playlists that my friend Lis (Last Year's Girl) uploads on her blog. Excellent mix. I wouldn't have heard of any of these songs had it not bee …
CD | Alternative - College Rock
an upbeat mix for a friend which includes a handful of tracks from the excellent "Summer Friday" mix series. if I threw parties, this is probably what I would throw on. proud of myself for putting toge …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix I made for my best friend who now lives out of state. I don't usually use the same artist more than once on one mix, but she's never heard BOY before and I picked the 3 songs from the new Eels al …

dice's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by mither
CD | Mixed Genre
one of the two CD's that Jeremy sent me. yay! this one is so beautiful.
CD | Mixed Genre
this is so whacky but so lovable too! :) I'm glad I requested this from Ceej.
by CBlaze
CD | Theme - Road Trip
charles sent this to me for a trade we did. yay!! it totally rocks. I loooove it.

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