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A mix I made for this yummy emo guy I'm into. It's. . .sort of a collection of songs that remind me of him, or that we've discussed. There's a *lot* of Brand New on here, and I apologize for that, but  …
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A birthday CD for my friend Staci, she's legal this month so I thought I'd make her the classic "songs about booze" mix. I had a lot of fun making this mix, and I'm hoping she enjoys it since I made an …
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Basically intended to be a sex mix, this really steers away from the fluffy, love-type songs, and ended up being closer to a "sex-in-the-bathroom" mix. But still. I'm pretty okay with this mix, with th …

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V. cool. Kind of rageful, kinda not, all-around impressive.
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Sweet mix. A little different. . .

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