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Cassette | Mixed Genre
from concrete to concrete c/o The Focus Group via all sorts of good things i am listening to at the minute - shouting and partying from London and Leeds, monsters of early 90s house, essential logic an …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a tape for Alex. I'm still madly in love with that Human League Reworking and Boards of Canada cover (cheers Myke!). Dug out the Cosmetique record, which appears to be well under-rated too...
Cassette | Mixed Genre
an xmas present for Al - a more downbeat, essentially less racket based companion to the last tape i made her...

james porter's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Single Artist
this is well boss - i hardly knew anything of The Ex besides what a german friend had kind of explained to me after getting wistful ffor old politics and squats in a semi-revolutionary coffee shop and  …
by Brenty
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i really really love the sound of radio static and this mix apparantly makes of virtue of it. We'll all miss these things when they're gone...

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