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Cassette | Mixed Genre
A tape I originally recorded on Jan 10,1993 (when I was 14 years old). Freshly dumped by my first girlfriend and it was the middle of Winter. I suppose I was trying to make a mix tape that reminded me  …
CD | Theme
This is perhaps one of my most favorite mix CDs. It's a collection of songs that reflect how I view women and life in general. There aren't many songs out there that accurately depict my views, so putt …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
The title is very self-explanitory. Me an my cousin were cleaning out his garage (circa 1995), and I found this on a 90 minute Memorex Cr02 cassette with no label. We listened to it while we continued  …

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Cassette | Theme
Lots of new stuff for me to check out
CD | Mixed Genre
Nice 80s Mix
Cassette | Pop
Very cool stuff!

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