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CD | Mixed Genre
More of my music travels. This was late June 2015, a few weeks after the previous one I submitted. As always, the combination of songs can be incongruous but this is where my head and ears were at at t …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Well, it's been 6 years since I've been here. Life's been kinda distracting, y'know how it is. But I've really been on a roll lately making iTunes mixes (that I record into CDs for car trip listening)  …
CD | Theme
Damn, I've only had an iPod for 3 measely years? Seems like I've been relying on this thing most of my life.. Anyway, hey gang! I've been gone for about, uh, an entire year. Bad changes were afoot. I m …

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CD | Mixed Genre
fantastic variety of taste in indie pop royalty
CD | Theme
absolutely essential Yuletide listening, meets all your needs
Cassette | Pop
one of the greatest oldies comps I've ever had the pleasure of browsing through

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