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CD | Mixed Genre
More of my music travels. This was late June 2015, a few weeks after the previous one I submitted. As always, the combination of songs can be incongruous but this is where my head and ears were at at t …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Well, it's been 6 years since I've been here. Life's been kinda distracting, y'know how it is. But I've really been on a roll lately making iTunes mixes (that I record into CDs for car trip listening)  …
CD | Theme
Damn, I've only had an iPod for 3 measely years? Seems like I've been relying on this thing most of my life.. Anyway, hey gang! I've been gone for about, uh, an entire year. Bad changes were afoot. I m …
CD | Theme
My 2nd round of compiling the stats for my most played iPod tracks sadly isn't as comprehensive or continuous as it was originally intended. Last fall for various complicated reasons I lost all my iPod …
CD | Pop
I don't know why, exactly - could be my heavy movie upbringing, conditioning me to think of everything in big, exaggerated, pretentious terms - but there's nothing I love more than believing in the pow …
CD | Pop
Well, once again I'm on the road to transcendence. The songs here are a blur of the exuberant, the meditative, the wistful, the sublime, and the joyous. Reveling in these moods always makes me see ever …
CD | Pop
In which I happily indulge in my love of pure pop music. I just checked out Ringo Starr's new album "Liverpool 8" earlier this week and couldn't believe what a burst of winsome, smiling sunshine it was …
CD | Pop
Going for more of a peaceful moodiness this time, despite some louder sections. Got some new stuff in there (Nada Surf who I don't usually care much about, but this is a good lead single, and also Magn …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Dammit, I've been gone for a long time. Made countless mixes since I've been away from AOTM but just never got around to posting them, or even visiting the site to enjoy the usual array of brilliant en …
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