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CD | Theme - Romantic
Four Heart Pieces Part 1 (Tracks 1-3): The Schmultzy Opening Part 2 (Tracks 4-6): This Is About As Loud As It Gets Part 3 (Tracks 7-9): Beats Beats Beats Part 4 (Tracks 10-12): The Schmultzy Conclusion …
CD | Pop
Made for a new friend of mine who remarked that she didn't know much about music, but loved what she'd heard of Interpol. I made this mix to introduce her to artists I thought she would dig.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Side A: February Playlist/Side B: March Playlist A challenge presented to my boss to pick the best tracks from albums released in those two months, not including re-releases. I had a lot of fun searchi …

missingno.'s Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Electronic - Ambient
A dear friend of mine, who influences my tastes arguably as much as I influence his. <3

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