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CD | Theme - Narrative
A short, to-the-point "kiss off" to a friend. If there's anything I've learned while making this mix, it's just that stuff happens. While honesty may be the best policy, you've got to be ready for the  …
CD | Theme
I put this together out of the feelings and ideas that have come with preparing to move out on my own. About my family, about my life, about being a damn adult. It's really hard to embrace all of it wh …
CD | Theme - Romantic
I don't stay up until 3:30 am, knowing that I will need to be up for work in just a few hours, making a mix for just anyone. Maybe, some day, I'll have the guts to give it to him. Until then, this wil …

Ginatron's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
One of the BEST mixes on 90's indie rock that I've ever seen.
CD | Single Artist
CD | Single Artist

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