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CD | Pop
R.I.P. Alex Chilton. I never go far without a little Big Star.
CD | Theme
I really love both bands during their heyday and never bought into the hype of competition but I couldnt resist this one. blur the 90's innovative Beatles, great at whatever genre they tackle or oasis  …
CD | Theme
In the Center Ring. Its the heavy Wieghts of POP! but whats this? John Lennon, Zonked on acid fascinated by the pop of the flashbulbs, Paul, suavley leaning against the ropes and flirting wtih the ladi …
CD | Mixed Genre
Ah yes Summer coming to an end. I just need something to soundtrack the last days at the beach, one final bash, saying goodbye to summer made friends before we all drive back to school and the long slo …
CD | Electronic
aaah Yes, Part Deux for week two of Vacation at the beach. This time its Sweet grooves of Faux reggae and Drum and Bass and Such like.
CD | Electronic
Good summer mix to cruise to the beach with and have a starry eyes surpise on the sandy shores. Oh Yeah! oh and that last track? its called a floor/party Clearer. LOL. or maybe if some hottie recognize …
CD | Dance - House
Ya know I bet you'd look good on the dance floor. I dont want no montagues and capulets; just Banging tunes and DJ SETS.
CD | Theme - Narrative
So im reading the Washington Post and seeing the news reports of the democratic candidates debate and im just blah about the state of the country. Im not really seeing anyone stepping up and getting th …
Cassette | Theme
I found this cassette tape at the bottom of my trunk when I was taking everything out to sell the car. The minute I slipped it in the tape deck and heard the crackly dennis miller intro "here to perfor …
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