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CD | Theme - Sleep
My revised sleep cd. I faded out the end of the Everclear song because it gets loud as it goes into the next song. I mostly use it when I'm on trips and have to sleep with other people in the room, or  …
CD | Theme - Sleep
The first time I listened to this mix, I thought it was kind of odd, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. And I didn't really mean to put so much Ben Folds on here; I didn't even notice tha …
CD | Theme - Depression
Songs that really depress me. maybe it's not a good cd to listen to, but sometimes I just need to listen to the sad stuff. I wanted to add more Offspring, but I ran out of room.

kategirl's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Theme - Depression
Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Sleep

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