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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
An ode to my 26th year, which ended last week. I don't paint myself in the best light, but I have to admit that the late 20s are providing me with some contentment with my many faults. And I think the  …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
When you have a possibly life changing decision (or two) sitting in front of you, you start feeling like either way you're going to lose. A part of me just wants the choices to disappear and a part of  …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Romantic
The moment when you are able to take a deep breath to relax yourself... let it all out, take it all in... frown to smile... murkiness to clarity... having words on your lips and knowing that speaking t …

Nomers's Last Three Favorite Mixes

MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
This mix is so beautiful and elegant... sometimes we forget what real vocal talent used to sound like...

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