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This is a Mexico mix. My wife and I spent about 10 days in two spots in the Yucatan Peninsula - 5 days at Isla Mujeres, and 5 days at Playa del Carmen. This mix attempts to capture our vacation and the …
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Fleetwood Mac: Almost Famous 2 cds. All Fleetwood Mac. First column lists cd 1. Second column lists cd 2 Prior to the Buckingham/Nicks period of mega-hits and platinum albums starting in 1975, Fleetwoo …
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2 cds Three years ago in Petaluma CA, about an hour north of San Francisco, I spent a great Christmas week with my wife and the in-laws listening to music, eating, and watching football. The rain just …

SMoss's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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Great idea, but I have not heard the mix (yet).
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Yes, coffee IS for closers.

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