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CD | Pop
It was in fact designed to fit on one side of a 90 tape. A collection of my ultimate happy songs - and nothing really rare or inventive, I admit, but it was for someone who doesn't usually listen to th …
CD | Theme - Depression
how to survive a broken heart? make mixes? why do people make depressed mixes when they are sad? shouldn't i be making a happy upbeat mix to cheer me up? sad, sad songs. just about as sad as when you f …
CD | Mixed Genre
I have already posted it once, but after making several changes it turned out so nice to listen to that I decided to post it again instead of simply editing it. It starts with some more powerful songs, …
CD | Electronic
a very mainstream mix as far as electronic music is concerned, but it was supposed to be that way. made for people who can't see the world beyond guitar-driven music, so it contains the most catchy tun …
CD | Mixed Genre
no theme, just nineeten mostly cheesy tracks drenched in sugar:) generally upbeat, with a few mellow songs towards the end. and my first full self-made cover:)
Cassette | Theme
at first i was just going to make a mix of 'love' songs, it was supposed to be called 'yellow pink and blue baby i love you' and it was to be a 'i would give it to him if i was brave enough' mix. but i …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
I gave this mix to my friend last year as a gift on her 19th birthday (hence the title and the number of songs) Some songs I knew she liked because we had talked about them (like Trouble or Someone New …