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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
Compiled in response to tjarrett and Joshua Allen. Lots of standards and well-known tunes in this one. For my other response to tjarrett, see 4'33" @Muxtape.
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
For context, see the notes for my other mix, /covers ain't s**t. I made both at the same time. I had dragged my feet doing this covers mix -- chalk it up to laziness and a lack of inspiration. After a  …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Produced this over New Year's weekend, as return fire in a years' long game of can-you-top-this between a friend and I. The gimmick? Mixed tapes based on covers -- and the worse and more bombastic the  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This mix came together through a happy accident. I happened to be smitten with a girl in the town where I was in law school — and it just so happened that she owned a cat named Daisy. That actual …