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CD | Mixed Genre
After 13 years I am reconnecting with my best friend from elementary school. She disappeared off the face of the earth one late night and resurfaced in my life a week ago. I made her this mix to help g …
CD | Theme - Romantic
I was just in the mood to make a good, old fashioned love mix. I'm surprised (looking at it now) at how many of these songs are popular at the moment. Guess sometimes you never know what'll turn up on  …
CD | Theme
It's been quite a long time since I've actually been in high school, but you're never too old to make a mix about it. I'm extremely proud of what I've created. I hope you all can appreciate the effort  …

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CD | Mixed Genre
by E!
CD | Theme
Nice use of both artists and song titles to compliment your theme...excellent mix.
CD | Mixed Genre
Just a gorgeous mix...very well done...I too got through high school by making mixes...that and not going to class much my senior'll do fine...

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