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CD | Mixed Genre
After 13 years I am reconnecting with my best friend from elementary school. She disappeared off the face of the earth one late night and resurfaced in my life a week ago. I made her this mix to help g …
CD | Theme - Romantic
I was just in the mood to make a good, old fashioned love mix. I'm surprised (looking at it now) at how many of these songs are popular at the moment. Guess sometimes you never know what'll turn up on  …
CD | Theme
It's been quite a long time since I've actually been in high school, but you're never too old to make a mix about it. I'm extremely proud of what I've created. I hope you all can appreciate the effort  …
CD | Electronic
I know a lot of these artists aren't usually considered Electronica, but isn't that the fun?
CD | Mixed Genre
Just the thing for driving away mad and mellowing out into your mood.
CD | Single Artist
I made this as an intro for a friend into the world of Tori. Never did get the Fiona Apple cd he was supposed to make in return, but hey, another toriphile out there in the world is payment enough for  …
CD | Theme
The Dave Matthews Christmas Song is the only thing I need to make it actually feel like Christmas. The trick of it is, I need to hear it on the radio...but it always happens. My very own Christmas mira …
CD | Pop
Be many of these songs make it on to your summer mixes too?
CD | Experimental
When I worked as a "box breaker" in the back room of a local chain bookstore, this was one of my favorite mixes to listen to. No one would bother me on the days I played it. Or hang out much in the bac …
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