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i've got a break between papers so i made this. it's for someone who likes musicals. i don't really like musicals myself, so i picked some jazzy/poppy tracks, some dramatic kind of tracks, and threw in …
CD | Mixed Genre
I take the O-level (GCSEs to you in the UK) examinations in a few weeks time...a mix to soundtrack my studying essentially. Track six is taken from a pre-release album leak (ooh, naughty me). Seven is  …
CD | Pop
Boring, boring Arsenal, as they say. Anyway, I have a real soft spot for slow, acoustic-y type of nocturnal music which loads of people find tedious but I have plenty of time for. Haven't made a mix li …
CD | Pop
a celebration of prelim's end...well i've still got lit so this is the soundtrack to susan bloody hill and twelfth night. not really, but i suppose it's nice studying music. i hope. and yes track eight …
CD | Mixed Genre
the soundtrack to me spending hours practising maths. started out as a mainly folky kind of mix but soon developed a life of it's own with Dutch blues and Kiwi shoegaze and Singapore pop and whatnot. o …
CD | Mixed Genre
for miss, on teacher's day, except i don't think you'll like the fact i made a quick mix (only spent an hour on it!) during my mock o-levels. loads of repeats from old mixes, but i guess that's to be e …
CD | Pop
With thanks to Popmartijn for 1 and 6 and David B. for 15 and 16. My last mix before embarking on a string of preliminary O-levels and then the real thing. No real surprises here (other than perhaps th …
CD | Pop
well there are some repetitions here from previous mixes because i'm contemplating giving this to someone. decisions, decisions. the dave brubeck recording is from the 'moscow nights' live album. title …
CD | Mixed Genre
i'm shopping for blood.
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