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CD | Mixed Genre
surfing on a rocket. doo doo doo. surfing on a rocket.
CD | Mixed Genre
yet to commit to cd because i'm out of them, but i think it's fairly decent. eh? eh? oh, and let me just say, Roger Federer rules.
CD | Theme
I wanted to make a 'guilty pleasures' mix, but realised I didn't have enough selections, so I just filled up the slots with stuff that I'm not so embarrassed to say I like. I know the argument, music's …
CD | Pop
First, thanks to Chris James for 12, 17 and 21, and Twiggy for 6. 15 is from an Australian single for some film which I found in a used store, featuring Mark Seymour from Hunters and Collectors collabo …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
finally did one. nothing special, but cool enough for my own perusal. thanks to chris james for 20, and to lady lemon for 9 and, in a way, 10. title is random.
CD | Theme - Romantic
a pseudo sequel to my 'you're so great and i love you' mix - in the words of one charlie brown, 'nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.' :-( . notes: originally wanted …
CD | Pop
orchard road is singapore's answer to oxford street in london - the shopping capital of our country. it's full of annoying teenagers, including yours truly, i suppose. =) i love just taking long walks  …
CD | Pop
mixed in march. posted in may. title from samuel johnson. not a student of his, but i thought it was a nice quote.
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