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Cassette | Mixed Genre
a tape i am not sure will be made, but i plan to anyway.
CD | Pop
a birthday mix for a friend. a fairly straightforward pop/rock mix. quite sure he's not heard any of these.
CD | Mixed Genre
may change in future for flow and the like. update: added sigur ros track, changed to original mix of she's lost control, placed gemma hayes after mbv.
MP3 Playlist | Single Artist
Downloaded all of Blur's b-sides the other day. Suggestions for alterations (eg. you think one b-side is superior to another) welcome.
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
like the title says, a preliminary sketch. yet to be made mix. i have no idea whether i will make it or not, and i may add or subtract for flow or for other reasons, but i like it so far. note to self: …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
28 songs, old and new favourites. To carry around on my portable cassette player. *note to self: remember to create profile before posting mix first*
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