Wright12's Last Three Mixes Posted

CD | Mixed Genre
Sometimes you can't speak in conversation so you need to speak in mixed tapes and hope the point gets across clearly... and this is one of those mixes. Some of the songs could be taken literally, but i …
CD | Theme
A mix for Miss Liquid Moon... and a personal challenge to do a completely circular songtitle mix. Kinda of a weird hodge-podge of tunage.
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
The second in a long series of cover CDs. The tape versions had been pretty popular, so I thought I'd redo them from scratch - everything is sourced from CD and you got new artwork too. Bada boom, bada …

Wright12's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Pop
Sort of a punk/no-wave mix that has not a single weak track on it. Absolutely fluid in feel (considering the content) and some really awesome unknown bands (Fingerprintz should be in every new wave fan …

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