countess mondego's Mixes

CD | Theme
since im broker than broke and christmas shopping isn't happening this year, i'm burning a crapload of cd's. after some research and prodding from family members and a laughable look at her high school …
CD | Theme - Narrative
A soundtrack for Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter Universe, from his first bite to post war angst, without using the obvious Werewolves Of London. :P I tried to stay as close to canon as I could, But th …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
made for my roomate who's favorite hobby is to ask "what's that now?" whenever something sparks his interest on my playlist.
CD | Theme
i made this in protest of all the christmas music being played way before thanksgiving, and because of the fact that i'm a dork who likes halloween mixes all year round :P
CD | Theme
this started out as a 5 cd set of psychedelic garage mix, but i ended up whittling it down to my favorites and it became this.
CD | Theme
An alternate CSI sountrack, because the ones they release are never quite up to my soundtrack standards. All songs used on the show. Title comes from one of my favorite episodes...
CD | Country
made for a good friend's country dad who wanted a collection of country drinking songs.
CD | Mixed Genre
just a bit of rockabilly to get me through these daylight savings so damn dark early blues.