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CD | Mixed Genre
i made this for someone who doesn't really like emo, thinking that if he hear some emo that i like, he may be converted. hopefully i did well; i just used what was on my current playlist. *shrug* well, …
CD | Mixed Genre
For my boyfriend in Kansas. We're doing the long distance thing, and I'm going to make him this when I get around to it. The title is from "Across the Sea,"and the FSF song is on here because I will fi …
CD | Theme
This is for Travis. I didn't know he liked me until it was too late, and we returned home to different sides of the East Coast. I miss him and wish he knew things that I never said, like the contents o …

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by kapuki
CD | Mixed Genre
this mix is good times and an effective remedy to road rage.
Mini-Disc | Mixed Genre
lovin this. the cover makes me smile.
CD | Mixed Genre
isn't this just lovely? boys i don't know are making me mixes!and good ones, too.

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