girlafraid's Last Three Mixes Posted

CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
In response to Nadia and Alice whining that they'd run out of music, and my "mix starvation".Just a bunch of songs I've been listening to lately (and some earlier) that work ok together.
CD | Mixed Genre
Mix for Ying, who only likes classical music "if there's a flute in it". A friend of his lent him music once: the Doors, &c., which he listened through exactly once and returned with a "thanks... sort  …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Original artists: 1. Pulp, 2. the Pixies, 3. Sonic Youth, 4. Luke Jordan, 5. John Lennon, 6. Depeche Mode, 7. Midnight Oil, 8. the Clash, 9. the Stooges, 10. Roxy Music, 11. Nine Simone, 12. Talking He …

girlafraid's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Rock
Excellent song choices.
CD | Mixed Genre
Mark's mixes are always good, and his habit of putting the year released next to the name is interesting.

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