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Someone, who can no longer access his account, told me about AotM, and it was deja vu all over again. Here are a few newer mixes w/downloads. And, in case this world and its nut-jobs make you crazy, just remember: "It's the Sun, stupid!" Peace, Pablo.

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Playlist | Electronic - Ambient
An unexpected addition; culled from the volume of tracks with which I began the project. This travels an Ambient/Drone aural pathway. Cover art hand painted using Paper by Fifty Three & a Bamboo stylus …
MP3 Playlist | Electronic - Ambient
This first new mix of 2017 comprises 4 (excerpted) tracks from Brian Eno’s Reflection & 3 from Steve Roach’s Painting in the Dark (acquired 1.1.17 & 12.31.16 respectively), and creates a textural atmos …
Playlist | Electronic - Ambient
Part 3 of 4; Drone, Glitch & Ambient | 49:35 D/L Mixloud

Pablo de Fleurs's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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