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I would like to make new friends and share my music interests with like minded music lovers!I also would like to do a mix trade with anyone who is interested in do a mix trade via mail.Trish

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Playlist | Reggae
Take a vitual Trip to de islands mon then when ya saved up all ya quarters take a real one Mon! No Problem mon!
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Many Thanks to Nana of 90.3 the Core for inspiring me to check out new bands and artists I havent heard and thank you to the Ocean County Library for having a great music selection!Now get on line and  …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
If you dont think you can get cool tunes at the library check out this playlist and Im sure you'll want to check out your library for cool tunes too!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Creation Date May 10& 11 1995 On Maxell XLIIS 100 minute cassette.Every now and then I go into my old mixtape collection just for the heck of it.It was obvious I was in the jazz and oldies mood and a f …
Playlist | Theme
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Recently I was listening to a mix I made my dad a year or twwo before he died.Heres a mix I made that I think both my mom and my dad would like.I think every good mix maker should make a mix for their  …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
I made this for a coworker of mine whos son was getting married and then i read the article on here about how to make a wedding mix.Well what do you think of THIS wedding mix?
Playlist | Mixed Genre
A combination of old Favorites word and Obscure Christmas tunes.Feel free to drop me an email if you would like a copy! Trish
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Some current stuff and some blasts from the past.Anyone who wants a Mix of this Drop me a line and Ill gladly send you one.
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