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These days I'm really into 80's hair metal. However, I also dig punk, indie, and rock 'n' roll. I'm the known maker of CD's for all my friends and a proud owner of over 100 vinyl records at fifteen years young.

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Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
My current mix of different emotions at the moment, piled into one mix. I tribute it in part to a certain someone on Tumblr... he's a real cool guy!
Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
My interpretation of the new season- rain, heat, chills, color, clear air.
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
This is yet another CD mix I'm going to make for my best friend. I've given her alot by now, and she loves all of 'em and tells me to keep 'em comin! So Tae, this is for you. <3 I'm trying to make thes …

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CD | Alternative - Punk
Playlist | Theme - Break Up
MP3 Playlist | Rock

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I lean toward punk, but I like all kinds of music, besides the Kings of Leon. Definitely not Kings of Leon. Definitely, definitely not.
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I'm eclectic, eccentric, horrendously self-aware, out-going, down to earth, confused, and looking on the bright-side of being a pessimist.
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Please feel free to browse my mixes that I post. Comment and give me feedback as much as you'd like. Not kidding! let me have it good or bad. Just don't be a dick. I love feedback like I love pizza. Ad …
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