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CD | Theme - Romantic
"young and with no clue and i wanna love you..." The Nickel Creek song pretty much sums up the general idea here. It's all so confusing and exciting and errgh! Notes -Jeff Buckley was recommended to me …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
my brother is getting married in hawaii and i can't go :(. he lives in texas so i never see him anyways which is also sad. i made him and his fiancee this mix to they can have a little bit of me at the …
CD | Theme
My very late post, of my take on frankenstein. The title is from Say Anything of course, though the whole quote was too long. "1. A song from the last record you bought 2. A blues: not a necessarily a  …
CD | Theme
Made while waiting around for a boy, trying to be patient, and wondering if he was worth it.
CD | Theme - Romantic
Don't think that the title of this mix is a cop-out. I made in in that awkward stage of dating when you aren't quite sure what you are or where you stand. These songs were all things that I wanted, had …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is just a totally random mix that i made to keep me awake and smiling at work. it has a lot of beatles covers on it because i was thinking about the "i am sam" soundtrack. the title comes from a m …
CD | Theme
most of these are just some of my fave love songs that i wish someone would have the decency to write for me... anyways the exceptions are the first track (because if the song was about me it would tot …