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CD | Mixed Genre
Just a mix of things I've been listening to lately in my car, put together in one easy to use package.
CD | Mixed Genre
Just another mix in the series of randomness. I made this one up to try and broaden the horizons of a friend I'm going on a road trip with.
CD | Theme - Break Up
So here it is, the final break-up mix for me and the longest relationship I've ever had. I'm still in love with her but it's become very clear that she no longer feels the same way. So I'm moving on wi …
CD | Mixed Genre
Another slightly random mix, hard stuff in front, light stuff at the end. This should serve it's purpose, which is for driving to shows the next couple months.
CD | Theme - Narrative
A tale of love won and lost. Highly personal to me right now, though it could be for any relationship I suppose. I'm aware it's a bit on the sappy side at the beginning and the depressing side at the e …
CD | Theme
I once again requested to whip up a soundtrack for one of my friends scripts. She requested cold, more measured music. I'd like to think I did a solid job. If you would like to read the script, you can …
CD | Mixed Genre
The latest entry in my ongoing series of randomness. This one took a heavy British flavor toward the end. I just sort of needed chill-out music to help me deal with the current amount of stress I'm pic …
CD | Theme - Romantic
The newest mix I made up for my on-again, off-again, and now on-again girlfriend. This is sort of a patch-up thing while I still keep trying to push her musical boundries. I'm aware that I overused Wai …
CD | Mixed Genre
The newest installment in my ongoing series of randomness. This one seems to have a bit of a romantic tint to it, which I figure stems from my current situation of reconciling with my girlfriend.
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