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People are drunk off the's time to dance. I decided to leave off traditional wedding reception music like "The Chicken Dance", "Good Times", "We Are Family", etc...I wanted music I like.
CD | Theme
Here is more music from my Wedding Reception. The first two songs are the ones my wife and I danced to. "My Girl" was the father/daughter dance and "Simple Man" was the mother/son dance. This was so mu …
CD | Theme
Another Mix CD in the series of event surround my wedding. Too poor to get a DJ, so I burned the CD's myself. "Mandy" is my wife's name, so that's why I included that. Most of the rest are good backgro …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
My fiance and I are finally going to Jamaica to get married!!! This CD has some cool listening music while we drive to Nashville to catch our plane.
CD | Theme - Romantic
We're getting married in Jamaica next Saturday, so this is the CD we're going to listen to before and after the ceremony. Celine Dion made the list because "Titanic" was our first movie. "Black" isn't  …
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