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For someone that I love, to tell them that I have to leave them on a journey, but that I hope they will come too.
CD | Theme
I put this compilation together on November 7th 2004 to help me get through a particularly rough time. Every so often, when things get tough, I put it on and have a listen.
CD | Theme
Some music I took away with me when I went to my sisters wedding in Brisbane, September 2004
CD | Single Artist
My housemate and I put this mix together after we'd seen Faithless play at the Thebarton Theatre in October 2004.
CD | Mixed Genre
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this one's for you abigail dice
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
I found this tape in my box of tapes that lives under the bed (doesn't everyone have one of those?). The original title was vomit inducing driving tape and there was no track listing. I think I made th …
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
this tape was jammed (carefully, but speedily :-)together tonight in response to a tape received in the mail - with the title "white as dracula as i approach the bottom"
Cassette | Pop
this tape was made by my sister victoria hannan, of sunhill (the band), ozmusic project (the website), sticks & stones (the zine) fame. she's my link the world of new music (some aspects of it anyway)  …
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