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CD | Mixed Genre
this mix is all melancholy in the beginning, raucous in the middle and melancholy in the end. maybe too much will oldham but that's all i was listening to at the time.
CD | Theme - Break Up
this is all heart-achey. so yeah i'm lame. some of the songs aren't *so* sad, but they are to me. so yeah. wah.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
this is a mix for the boy i like, sam. the title is from the second song on the mix. i like it. it's kinda sassy.

blue16's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by DfJux
MP3 Playlist | Theme
this is lovely. anyone that uses microphones and do make say think on the same mix has my vote. :D
by DfJux
MP3 Playlist | Theme
this is lovely. microphones AND do make say think? :D

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