chunkymonkey's Mixes

CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
This is for the one that I can count on to make at least one anal joke a day, who doesn't mind that I molest her cat as long as I use protective gloves, special agent in charge of recovering ghost face …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is for a friend that is constantly being flooded. Do not worry! She floats, for she is an island.
CD | Theme
The commune will remain a dream, roommates are disbanding; this is for the one in search of love, desert bound, protector of the soul, folded within for now.
CD | Theme
The road home is always open, your arms seem to be open, I'm working on myself.
CD | Pop
My assignment: "A mix of songs with pure pop elements. Those songs with all the la la las and ooohs and other verbal utterances that aren't exactly words. The songs don't actually have to fall into the …
CD | Theme - Sleep
For my future daughter and son-- songs to chill out with mommie. I can't let go of 'let go' yet.
CD | Theme
I was so very tempted to cheat and name this 'b is for bitch' or 'b is for bizarre' for my next alphabet mix. Life's throwing me a strange relationship situation. She won't accept my goodbye. When on e …
Cassette | Theme
For doa's mix about clothes/shoes/etc. This is on an actual cd, I just wanted to draw attention to the split between the dance side and mellow side. The ladytron bleeds nicely into weezer though so it  …
CD | Theme
Disc one in an alphabet themed series. One disc per letter, random word out of the dictionary starting with said letter, songs to represent the meaning of the word to me. A is for apple, b is for boot, …
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