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Playlist | Theme - Narrative
Playlist | Theme
The soundtrack to the Third season of my show, The Modern World.
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
She starts this mix out and it alternates, get it?
CD | Single Artist
I'm mad fer it. I can't wait to see the lads again in June. Rock N Roll.
CD | Single Artist
I had forgotten that I had put Talk Tonight w/ Paul Weller on the first mix. And My Generation...what can you do...
CD | Single Artist
These mixes are being chosen from over 8.5 hrs. of the live and rare Oasis on my computer.
CD | Electronic
This is my first shot at making an electronic mix cd. I'm not sure how well the songs are going to flow together but hell, what do I have to loose?
CD | Theme - Narrative
Ah yes, the soundtrack to my TV show, The Modern World. A documentary of sorts, it chronicles the adventures of a boy becoming a man in today's modern world. A sure fire hit with the teenage crowd look …
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix was made for my very first AoTM trade. I got the stunning My Moment In The Sun by Candra Gill. This was just my attempt to bring Candra some classic songs (Pulp) all the way up to Craig David  …
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