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CD | Theme - Road Trip
I've just returned from a business trip to Nebraska after conducting some management training for the truly lovely people in a tiny city. When I returned, many people asked me for all of the details. I …
CD | Theme - Depression
This may be a little too personal to post on AOTM, but I've seen profound political statements so I suppose this is my turn. And trust me, it's entirely non-partisan. This mix is actually two CDs I cre …
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
My first attempt at a Goth mix so I'm not certain if all tracks fit the genre. Made this for a friend who thought that with a little pale make-up,lipstick, and some hair fussin'-- I could be Robert Smi …

Minnesota Sorta Nice's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by Taffs
MP3 Playlist | Theme
Very clever idea...wish I had thought of it...and now that you did-- maybe Aimee Mann's version of "One" and my homeland Purple pride-- "Seven" could have also worked. I especially dig the Blondie trac …

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