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CD | Theme - Road Trip
I've just returned from a business trip to Nebraska after conducting some management training for the truly lovely people in a tiny city. When I returned, many people asked me for all of the details. I …
CD | Theme - Depression
This may be a little too personal to post on AOTM, but I've seen profound political statements so I suppose this is my turn. And trust me, it's entirely non-partisan. This mix is actually two CDs I cre …
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
My first attempt at a Goth mix so I'm not certain if all tracks fit the genre. Made this for a friend who thought that with a little pale make-up,lipstick, and some hair fussin'-- I could be Robert Smi …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a quiet mix that follows the course of a relationship. I know that it's a hackneyed theme, but I've placed songs that sing to the heart (well, MY heart if you must know). It begins with a longi …
CD | Single Artist
A mix from various incarnations of Juliana Hatfield. Her voice was the soundtrack to a million scattered thoughts, one especially nasty break-up, a very cool kiss, and a dozen pretty decent poems. I'm  …
CD | Theme
Songs that feature the word "Feel" prominently. I made this as a goof for a friend who is quite stoic about most things. I keep telling her in second-hand psycho-babble (thank you, past shrinks)that it …
CD | Theme
I took a shot at anything remotely "royal". I stretched it a little-- The Kennedys are as close as the US ever got to a King/Queen; Godzilla is well known as the "King of Monsters"; Elvis- "The King" a …
CD | Theme
A sad little tribute to the show that I was/am ashamed to have watched. The guiltiest pleasure I've known in some time (The Iron Chef, perhaps?). If you've seen this pitiful show-- most songs should ma …
CD | Theme
Ahhhh...heroes....we all have them, now there's a soundtrack for 'em. I swallowed my pride (heroically so?) on some of these (Roger Whitaker and Sr. Iglesias, notably) but I'll confess that I actually  …
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