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CD | Electronic - Ambient
Strictly ambience. Sleep to it, think to it, do whatever to it. It's quiet and very lovely. Bliss IS supposed to be on there 3 times, becuase the rest of the mix was built around it. =) Let me know wha …
Cassette | Theme - Narrative
The first song sort of sets the story for the rest. These are all songs that have deep sentimental feeling for me, whether it's the first song by my favorite band I ever heard (Farmhouse), or my best f …
CD | Electronic - Ambient
Mostly a bunch of semisweet sad songs interspersed with some happy sing-along tunes. Mostly things me and my friend Gillian would hope to have playing in the diner for a midnight breakfast. Some of the …

praisechorus17's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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