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.she's the salt of the earth
& she's dangerous.

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had not done a frankenmix in such a long time. the first mix trades i joined online were frankenmixes & i forgot how much i love the random results. sometimes breaking up the flow is a good thing. got  …
CD | Theme
i work in a bookstore & was chatting with a coworker as he scanned our self-help section & came to the "chicken soup for the soul" books. of which, there are TONS. a title for almost every niche in the …
CD | Theme
my submission for the Mixies winter '07 trade. the theme was lullabies. i chose songs that i could listen to again & again in the dark & listed them simply, from longest playing to shortest.
CD | Mixed Genre
weekends are too short & workdays are too long & there isn't enough Guinness in all the land to make it seem fair
CD | Theme
my contribution to the Mixies Winter swap. the theme this time around was alternate versions & i mostly stuck with some of my very favorite, bare-bones acoustic & live versions. it turned out to be the …
CD | Theme
this year's xmas card mix-cd for friends & family.
CD | Theme
last year's xmas card mix cd for friends & family. a couple artists & songs repeated, but all in good fun & chock full of xmas hoo-haw.
CD | Theme - Road Trip
a mix i made for a trip to colorado that i didn't have a chance to burn before i left. there's a little bit of twang found in all of these songs, just enough to tug my heart & pull my gaze a few states …
CD | Mixed Genre
the last mix made for my journey, i listened to this while walking around colorado springs ... wishing i never had to go home & deciding to stay an extra week to appease that wish just a little
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