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CD | Electronic - Ambient
66:43 Metamorphic interpolation coupled with logarithmic cross-fades. Variants on compositions leveraged via Audacity. This is number 4 in a series (proJJeXx) of mixes in which I take an existing ambie …
CD | World
77:35 Around the world in < 80 minutes. Slow, sequenced progressions...from solo flute, to Techno, to all out Indonesian chaos. Interestingly, I didn't purposefully name this after the recent …
CD | Electronic - Ambient
76:28 The series' closer, presenting...more noise, uhm...audible "deliverables"...and a tad glitchier/grittier than 6 ~ 9.

g.a.b. l@bs's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by valis
CD | Pop
As floored as the blackbird (an' still seein' litt'el dots). A favorite from the moment I saw this posted (and I knew exactly zero tracks). As "pretty" and solid a mix as ever (oh ever) a mix there was …
by 12vman
CD | Mixed Genre
An instant favorite (AND 1 to work out with); the ethereal rhythms combine with the interspersed chanting(s) to create an atmosphere that allows the mind to freely drift within the realm of conscious & …
by 12vman
CD | Theme
12vman deliver the "Juice." An exquisite overviewing of Eno's musical contributions as composer, producer collaborator & performer. The entire series is fabulous, #5 being my favorite volume.

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