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Cassette | Mixed Genre
made as a birthday tape for my real life buddy amy, the littlest unicorn. the title comes from the kind of like spitting song. just a collection of songs that remind me of her and songs that i hope she …
CD | Theme - Depression
Lately I've been feeling down, so I made this mix. It has some break-up and hopeful undertones to it. The title comes from the Modest Mouse song.
CD | Mixed Genre
Mix made for Ed... some hard rockin' tunes, lighter near the end... a couple covers- a fun mix to make!

Graham1's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by spoon
Cassette | Theme
This mix is great because it has music that I like and a unique theme. Plus the other day I got two kittens, Neo and Lucy, and I can just picture them trotting about the house to this mix.
by Bret12
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Weezer, Lou Reed, Luscious Jackson, Phish, Radiohead, Flaming Lips, and an all-too-familiar theme. I love it.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I'm a sucker for girl music and good cover art. I love all of pandorra0's mixes.

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