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Cassette | Pop
I was recently lamenting the fact that I don't rock much these days so I set out to make a mix that rocked. During this period of time, someone stole my girlfriend's car. Thus, when I got to side B, th …
CD | Mixed Genre
The other mix without vocals meant for my friend to listen to at work. This time I went with instrumentals that are (mostly) not techno. I had more fun putting this one together.
CD | Dance - Techno
A mix requested by a friend. He wanted something new to listen to on his headphones at work to drown out the chatter his coworkers create. And he wanted something without vocals, otherwise he'd be too  …

Niquaidus12's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
This is awesome! I'd love to trade for a copy of this mix but, looking at it, I can't imagine anything I'd have that you wouldn't.
CD | Theme
I dig it. This is a fun idea. Good job!
CD | Mixed Genre
The Mad Genius disc, #4

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