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CD | Electronic - Ambient
So, henry and I are doing a trade, and he suggested a compilation of "beautiful" songs -- something atmospheric. Well...this wasn't exactly what I set out to make, and I was on the All India Radio trac …
CD | Theme
I was looking for images for the mix I'm making in a trade with henry, and I came across this (converted to the mix cover), and it begged to have a mix made 'specially for it. I think I may give this o …
CD | Mixed Genre
For Magpie and Blackadder. 1> You know that anxiety you feel when a new band you adore puts out their follow-up, and while you don't expect it to suck exactly, you kind of feel like you want to throw u …

heatherspace's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Electronic
From the metallic insiduousness of the opener, to the sparkling Caroline Lavelle centerpiece, through to the truly haunting Collide track -- an addictive slice of musical heaven. But when is a Blackadd …
CD | Mixed Genre
A lovely hodgepodge of jangly folk, mellow lushness, and sinister goth-tinged goodness.
by valis
CD | Pop
The Longest Drink is not long enough -- like an orange-vanilla cream soda -- frothy and satisfying. Thanks, valis, for introducing me to a slew of artists I never even knew existed, let alone ROCK. Thi …

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