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CD | Theme
A nice mix for Spring. I am making a few copies to send to female friends to let them know that this Spring the flowers aren't the only things that are beautiful.
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
A Valentine's Day mix for the melancholy girl.
CD | Theme
In this important political time it's not hard to get pumped up about the election, but I made a CD of songs that get me particularly pumped. I had a few guys on my personal copy, but to give it a more …
CD | Electronic - Ambient
This is just a mood mix for me, it's very ambient and somewhat spooky, or at least, melancholy. I wasn't really going for straight out sad, just more of a sound.
CD | Theme
Just a mix of some ladies singing their songs about staying strong and being okay.
CD | Mixed Genre
Third in the this point I REALLY was hoping I'd not need another one of these. Getting over a boy, getting to the point where you're angry, but every once in a while, man, you just want him …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is the 2nd in a serious of 3 mixes I have made, that I HOPEFULLY won't be making any more of. They are just the songs that I listened to a lot while trying to get over someone. The first (Fire On  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This is a mix I made after a schoolmate died in a car accident last year. It's songs about death and sadness or songs that remind me of death for whatever reason. Since then my grandmother has passed o …
CD | Mixed Genre
Embittered women everywhere unite! We all need a mix of sad girly music to get over the idiot boys who left us in the dirt, yes?
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